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I can't figure out what to use my masterball on. I have already caught every legendary. Are there ant event legendarys that you have to fight and catch. Which one has the lowest catch rate too (if you want to include it).


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Assuming you're talking about Black/White, most of the legendaries have a catch rate of 3 (as in most games), except for Reshiram/Zekrom who have a catch rate of 45.

Personally I chose Thundurus/Tornadus because roaming Pokemon are annoying to catch! Not just the fact they flee but trying to find them in the first place takes a lot of time. So just chuck a masterball and be done with it.

But if you already caught those... you can save the masterball for a high level legendary. There may be some coming out in the future through events. Often you are just given event Pokemon through Mystery Gift, but some (like Darkrai and Shaymin in Platinum) you need to catch.

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There are three event legendaries that haven't had their event come out yet.

Meloetta - Catch Rate 3
Genesect - Catch Rate 3
Keldeo - Catch Rate 3

So I would wait for those events to chuck your masterball.

I would use it on Genesect. I've heard he's pretty hard to catch. But great answer.
Umm, you do realize they all have the same catch rate?
Some of the event Pokemon may be given to you, though...
Thats the reason I gave some in-gave examples that have a low catch rate .
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When genesect comes out and the other event pokemon you can use it on one of them

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For the love of God. Save the first one for Tornadus or Thunderus as they are not only roaming, but they have one of the highest catch rates. Do not ever use one on Reshiram or Zekrom. I caught my Reshiram with like, my 6th pokeball, and I hardly needed to weaken it! Reshiram and Zekrom are easy. Tornadus/Thunderus are hard. After, go to the Pokemon Center in Castelia City and talk to the guy in the top left corner. He will ask you how many people you have traded with. For every ten or so that you trade with he will give you a gift (or gifts if you did not pick up the last one). His final gift which comes when you trade with 50 or more people is a Master Ball. God knows why this guy goes around giving priceless experimental Poke Balls to random kids who trade too often, but he does. In order to trade with fifty people, just go onto GTS (Ask the staff in the top right of the three gates in the pokemon center) and search for say, Darkrai. Then, there will be loads of people who will trade their Darkrai for any Darkrai (This works for other pokemon too). Keep trading for the heck of it even if the pokemon you receive is no better or worse than the one you send. Before you know it, you will have the master Ball (and you might even get a new pokemon while you are browsing. I got my Darkrai through a trade online)