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In omega ruby and alpha sapphire what is the best Pokemon to use a masterball on?

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I think this is too opinion-based to be allowed.
By the way, you should probably save it in case you find a shiny Pokemon that knows roar.
Yeah it straddles the line. I approved it, as I don't think it's entirely subjective. Things like Roar, capture rate, shiny Pokemon, legendary Pokemon, etc. can inform an objective response. Feel free to disagree.
I use them for game mascots but if you’re the guy who captures every single legendary then save it for Deoxys.

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If you are shiny hunting in the mirage spot use it on a shiny that would usually be hard to catch.

Or you could use it on Shiny Rayquaza

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Actually, Rayquaza's catch rate was incread massively for ORAS.
Oh. I didn't know that. You could still use it on a shiny one tho
I thought that Rayquaza was shiny-locked in ORAS.
Idk it might be
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It is difficult to catch, with a low catch rate, and with Mega Rayquaza, quite easy to faint by mistake. Making it one of the hardest Pokemon in the game.

However, according to this reddit post, you can rebattle it, at level 80 by following the following steps:

When you go back to the Mossdeep City Space Center, the scientist on the second floor says Deoxys is near route 131, Unfortunately, it is not on route 131 nor the top of the Sky Pillar unless:

  1. Clear the Pokemon League for the second time (First time was your main game), you will now be able to choose your Unova Starter from Professor Birch. (Similar to how you choose your Johto Starter)
  2. Now go back to the top of the Sky Pillar. The Deoxys triangular stone will appear there.
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Wasn't rayquqzza's catch rate raised in that game?
Ironic that my own comment on another answer on this question was relayed back to me. :P

I meant that M-Rayquaza is so overpowered that it's easy to KO Deoxys by mistake. Sorry if that wasn't as clear as I thought it was.
Thanks a bunch, Fizz (:
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I have to agree with Empty Boxes on this. I would like to bring two things up though. The cover legendary has a catch rate of 45. Yep. The same catch rate as Eevee and Aipom. And Rayquaza will guaranteed get in any ball without resisting, if I'm correct. So that leaves Deoxys. Or you might wanna use the Master Ball on a Shiny Pokémon.