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I know it's you can catch any Pokemon without fail, but I caught Every legendary/Strong Pokemon with an ultra ball, even thundrus.

note : this is Pokemon black


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Give it as he held item for a Pokemon and offer it in a trade. You can end up getting some decent Pokemon this way, one with good IVs perhaps.

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I cant trade, but it's a good suggestion, though....thnx
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There's not really much you can do with it. Same situation happened to me. What did I do? I threw my Master Ball to catch a Patrat.
Basically, keep it as a collectable item, or waste it like I did.

seriously? a PATRAT?
I almost fell off my lounge when a shiny dratini appeared from a patch of swirling water. Now he's a dragonite. =D
sheese really what an answer, you can catch every legend or pokémon with that thing!
If it's relevant, I used mine on a wild Magikarp in HeartGold. Gotta catch em' all, right?
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Master Ball can be handy for example if you encounter very weak Shiny pokemon on the wild but you don't have a pokemon that can weaken it before capturing it or you don't have any pokemon with false swipe that time, your only choice that time is to spam pokeballs, a shiny Basculin came out while I'm EV training for speed i have no choice but to spam Ultra Balls luckily i have spare net balls that time. So if it happens you ran out of other balls to catch the shiny maybe you can use Master Ball for it.

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Well, if you haven't caught all the legendary pokemon in the game either use it on that or if there is a shiny pokemon that's either gonna destroy your team or got something on it like burn or poison,just use the master ball on that.