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To catch an legenadry pokemon you need an Masterball in platinum you find it only in a pokeball or win at lottery,but there its another way exept the item trade,which one it is?

you don't need a masterball
Not to be a Grammar Nazi, but it's "a Masterball", not an.

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I do have a suggestion. Obviously playing through an earlier game, getting a master ball, and trading it to your current game works. But don't for get to trade lots of pokemon into your game since the lottery is based on your pokemon's ID number. The more numbers you have, the higher your chances for winning are.

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Well,If you have two Pokemon games,then you could play one until you get to finding a Master Ball,and trade a Pokemon holding that item into your game,then trade back.Delete your game,then find the Master Ball again,trade it to your other game and repeat this until you have the amount of Master Balls you need.

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You can obtain 1 Masterball only each game! So, the way to have more than 1 masterball is win the lottery, trade item, and cheat (which is wrong)!

Offf but its hard to win at lottery
Wrong to cheat?!  Be quiet, I was just testing my AR to get 900 Master Balls...
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its easy just get an action replay I used my cousins and I got 999 masterballs.