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I was trying to catch a Pokemon,and when I threw a Pokeball , it went "WHOOSH" and sort of froze in midair,then it only shook once and it caught the Pokemon? What was this all about?

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That is Critical Capture.

Critical capture
One final new battle mechanic introduced in Black & White is the critical capture. When a PokéBall is thrown, it has small chance to become critical, which significantly increases the capture rate, about 20 times the original. The PokéBall will flash and slow down in the air before landing. Then it will shake once before confirming the capture. It doesn't guarantee capture in all cases but it rarely fails.

Critical capture

BTW, master ball also shakes 3 times before capturing.

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Is a critical capture rare? (Sorry I'm asking so many questions,this is the first time this has happened to me).
it is in the link
It's supposed to be, but it happens to me like 15% of the time.
1/16 chance.
yeah this thing has happened to me about a million times