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I have a Latias in Pokemon White 2, and when I send it out, a yellow sparkle appears above it's head. It's in a masterball, but this has only started happening recently. It doesn't have Pokerus, nor is it shiny, so what's happening?

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If you could please give a screenshot, that would help a lot.
Are you sure that you didn't catch it in a HealBall? That PokeBall sparkles, too, and and it looks a little like a MasterBall.
Nope, it's definatly a master ball. I'm afraid I don't know how to do a screen shot and get it on the web from a DSi.
Oh, ok. I actually tested the MasterBall on my own game a few minutes ago, and there were no sparkles when the Pokemon came out, so I have no idea whatsoever about what happened.

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Did you recently particpate in the Pokestar Studios with it? If so, you might have achieved a Strange Ending. This gives the Pokemon who participated in the film a special animation and shine.

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How cool.
Yes, thats it! Thanks!
I know that but completely forgot about it until know :P