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Its there one more mode to catch an legenadry pokemon with 100% chances,exept using a masterball?

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Master ball is the only guranteed way. But you can make your odds pretty high with these moves ( made a smeargle just for this strategy.)

Mean look-traps the foe, if you're trying to catch a roaming legendary, this will waste that turn for them (they'll try to use roar during the next turn.) This move is also baton passable.

Spore-Instant sleep for the opponent. Hypnosis and sleep powder also work, but have lower accuracy.

False swipe-Leaves the foe with 1 HP.

Baton pass-Pass mean look and use a better suited pokemon.

Some other good moves are:

Sand attack/double team-good so the foe can't hit you while you try to catch them

Heal block-That recover won't annoy you anymore with this.

Use net balls for water types, dusk balls at the right time of day. or timer balls if things are really tough. Ultra balls are also the standard.

good luck!! hope this helped.

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No, but yot can increase catch rate by:
-leave the wild pokemon to 1 HP left
-give it status problem (sleep is better than the nther)
-use a special pokeball (like dusk ball in the cave or dark place)
those could increase the catch rate...

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Nope! Only a Master Ball can catch a Pokemon 100% of the time.

Catching a Pokemon is all in a big equation that takes into account Max HP, Current HP, status ailments, and the Pokeball that's thrown. Always find clever ways to whittle down a Pokemon's HP as low as it can go, to make catching it much easier.

A great Pokemon to help you catch legendaries in Gen IV is using Parasect, which learns False Swipe by TM, and Spore at around Lv.25 (?). Spore had 100 Accuracy, so will almost ALWAYS put the foe to sleep, and False Swipe will always leave the foe with at least 1 HP left.

You see, a sleeping Pokemon with one HP left is, despite the Pokeball being thrown, is the easiest kind of Pokemon to capture. For Pokeballs, it's totally dependent on the Pokemon and situation.

Trying to catch Kyogre? Pack Net Balls for a x4 catch rate. Trying to catch Mewtwo or Giratina? Pack some Dusk Balls because of the caves. Trying to catch a Steel-type, like Heatran and Dialga? Use Ultra Balls to stall, then use Timer Balls for a massive Catch Rate! The possibilities are endless, and catching a Pokemon is ONLY as hard as you make it.