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On route 25 I met Suicune. I lowered it's HP and gave it paralysis like anybody should. And since it was night I threw all my dusk balls, it didn't work. I continued that until all my pokeballs were gone(and I had alot). So I just ran from it, not wanting to make it feint. Will I ever get another chance to meet it? If so, where?

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Sorry I didn't say it but I'm talking about HG/SS.
Use Timer Balls once you have been in battle for 30 turns or a Level Ball if the Pokemon you have out is level 80 or higher, and put it to Sleep. Also have a Pokemon with False Swipe (so yeah, with Spore and False Swipe plus an immunity to Water type Attacks with Dry Skin, Parasect is an excellent Pokemon for this) to bring it down to 1HP.

This makes it incredibly easy to capture Suicune (and any other Pokemon).

And as Fizz said, save before battling it. Then just turn off the game if you fail to catch it.

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If you are talking about Gold, Crystal, or Silver, then no.
In HeartGold and SoulSilver, yes. Just defeat the ELite Four and head to the basement of the Burned Tower. It will be there.

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Darn it mew
It's been so long since I played SS...
Well you should play it again, it's a good game.
I await Game Freak's announcement of a R/S remake. Until then I must be satisfied with the LG and SS remakes :D
Man! I hate battling the Elite Four! It's not hard, it just takes FOREVER.
I could not catch it AGAIN! To the Elite Four... :(
Maybe follow the soft resetting process. Save the game in front of Suicune before battle, and fight. If the battle is ended with failure, press the Start, Select, L and R buttons together to restart the game. The failed battle you had with Suicune is gone, and you will be where you last saved. Of course, you can just hard reset by turning off the system and then back on again.