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I already used my masterball unfortunitly so every time I get to encounter Suicune, he gets away.
I tried changing my Pokemon to Wobbuffet thinking his ability would stop him from escaping but it had no effect on the outcome of the battle.
Someone has a clue on how I should proceed to be more efficient?

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are you sure you tried masterball? it always gives you a turn when you encounter suicune and throw the master u should get suicuine.
"I already used my Masterball unfortunately" this is what the OP says.
most probably op has already used a master ball on another mon.
I used it on Zapdos.
I wasn't aware that we could get Suicune and that his capture would be so though.
Right now I'm raising my Gastly. It evolved into Hunter and as it becomes Gengar, it think I saw an attack able to prevent Wild pokémon to flee.
Update : its called mean look
If you're using Mean Look to try and trap it, then be warned that if Suicune uses Roar to end the battle, it will disappear from the map entirely due to a glitch. I'm not sure if it's possible to bring Suicune back once it's gone in Gen 3, so make sure you save before trying to encounter it with Mean Look.
Good to know, I'll save the game before trying to get him.

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Get a Haunter/Gengar and level it up to a similar level as the wild Suicune.

Teach it Mean Look. Gastly learns Mean Look at Level 48, Haunter learns it at Level 64, and Gengar learns it at Level 1, so you would have to use a Move Reminder.

Follow Suicune, (via locating its area in the Pokedex,) until it is on the same route as you.

Save your game

Enter the grass and attempt to encounter Suicune. Make sure you have a lot of Net Balls, Timer Balls, and Ultra Balls. Use Mean Look first turn. If Suicune flees before you use Mean Look, that means your Haunter/Gengar is not fast enough. Level it up more. Once you use Mean Look, Haunter/Gengar cannot die or switch out, because Mean Look will stop working.

Throw Net, Timer, and Ultra Balls until you catch it.

Hope I could help!

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I can't get a gengar and I can't use max repels on a lvl64 to find Suicine so I captured a lvl40 Gastly in the lost cave of island 5. I'll raise it to lvl48 to get the mean look.
Thanks for the tips!
Dusk balls were introduced in Gen 4. Moreover, FRLG does not have a night/day system.
Thanks, never played FRLG