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I have these 2 questions

a)does pressing the 'A' button and not release the buttonon on the ds,make it easier to catch a pokemon after i threw a pokemon and the pokeball moves a little

b)does every pokeball i threw at a pokemon make it easier to catch

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I found that Breloom is one of the best catchers, because it can learn False Swipe through breeding, and can learn Spore.

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A - Nope, doing that doesn't make the pokemon any easier to catch, although I still do it for fun.

B - Nope, pokemon have " Catch rates "
So the chances of them staying in their ball will be the same every time.

The easiest way to catch a legendary, is to Paralyze it, ( Status makes them easier to catch ) Get it to low health, ( The lower health they have left the easier ) and use good Balls such as Ultra balls, or Dusk balls in certain situations.

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No that is just a co-incidence.
I could give you a deep psychological reply to that, but SF put it best. Just a coincidence.
except for timer balls
No. I resolutely believe that it is not a coincidence. I have caught countless pokemon at middle health  while pressing all 4 buttons, and moveing the left and right arrows back and forth at an andante tempo. IT WORKS, people
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Sorry but none of those Affect Catch Rate .
The Best you could do is Have the Pokemon Fall Asleep ( or Paralyzd ) , then get it to 1 HP ( False Swipe ) and an idea would be to Keep using False Swipe for a WHOLE LOT of turns . After a while , when ALOT of turns are oover , try using a Timer Ball . Works rather well , since your Catch Rate is Increased Heavily By this Method !!

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Hey Unidentified is back!
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A) - No, this does not work in any way. Pokeballs are chance and technique all the way. I dunno how this even got popular, but anyways I still do it for fun - just like J98, exept I press the button over and over!

B) No, for basically the same reason as A. However, I you use a differant ball that has a better effect, it will improve the chance.

The easiest way to catch a legendary, as I've said a million times before, is to make sure you have False Swipe handy, and an effective status problem move (Frozen, Paralyzed and Sleep are more effective than the others. Confusion does nothing.). I usually use Thunder Wave for this. Or you could simply use a Master Ball - 100% catch rate, but use them wisely.

Remember, always save before ecountering a legendary, just in case.

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Well i have done each of those and i think your best bet is the false swipe method

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Niether work except maybe throwing a pokeball before using an ultra ball and sorry i didn't hide my question because i was banned from the computer.

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There is a possibility of the pokemon being weaker every time you throw a Pokeball. I did it with Kyurem. I use 10 timer balls and the last one worked. Like i said most likely. I am not saying there is. The only ball that could ever have a 100% catch rate is a master ball. I know how you can get another. But you have to trade with at least 50 people. When you have, go to the Castelia city Pokemon Center and talk to the guy in the Black glasses on the second level. If you have traded with 50 people he will give you a master ball. I am not kidding.

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you can get another masterball from beating Colress in the Plasma frigate in Black 2 or White 2