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Every pokemon has that percentage of catch-rate every time you throw out a pokeball I was wondering if the catch rate lowered if the pokemon you were trying to catch was at a higher level
For Example:
Patrat has a 1/3 chance of catching it at max health does this mean that a level 100 patrat would be just as easy to catch as a level 1 patrat


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No, the Pokemon's level does not directly affect whether the Pokemon will be caught. However, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  1. The Level Ball and Nest Ball are affected by levels. Level Ball increases the catch rate if the target Pokemon is a lower level: 2x for lower, 4x for less than half, 8x for less than a quarter. The Nest Ball is (40-level)÷10 times normal rate, i.e. levels 1-10 have 4x rate, 11-20 have 3x, 21-30 have 2x.

  2. The catch rate formula is based on the percentage of HP left. A level 1 Pokemon usually only has 10-20 HP, so even when it is down to 1HP, that's 5-10% HP, not 1%. So a level 1 Pokemon is technically harder to catch than the same level 100 Pokemon!!

EDIT: to clear up confusion, here's a math lesson.
If you take out all the constants like catch rate and bonuses, the catch rate formula is a product of: (3×HPmax - 2×HPcurrent) / 3×HPmax
So if a Pokemon has 1 HP left from a total of 10 HP, that's 0.933.
If a Pokemon has 1 HP left from a total of 100 HP, that's 0.993 which is higher.

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Not true, as you'll see in my answer total HP is a factor in the catch rate so a level 100 Patrat will always be harder to catch...
Trust me, I'm right - it's the percentage of HP. Check your math again - in the formula you DIVIDE by the Pokemon's maximum HP, which means if the Pokemon has a higher max HP, the percentage of HP remaining is lower, therefore they are easier to catch.
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There are four main things that affect the catch rate of a Pokemon:

1) Which Pokemon it is (a Legendary will always be hard to capture, regardless of what you've done to it).

2) Their current HP (why you lower a Pokemon's HP before catching).

3) Any status ailments (e.g. Sleep).

4) The one that answers your question: their total HP. The other three factors alone would mean a level 100 Patrat would be as easy to catch as a level 1 Patrat. However a level 100 Patrat would have far more total HP than a level 1 Patrat, and therefore would be harder to catch. How much of a difference this makes, I don't really know.

But catching it at full health would always be the same?