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No, Shiny Pokemon and regular Pokemon both have the same catching rate. The catching rate depends on the Pokemon and the catch rate of the Pokeball. I hope this helps.

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There has been alot of speculation about shinies (have better stats, are harder to raise, ect) but all a shiny is is a pokemon with different colours then the rest. Just like lobsters (1/1million= blue, 1/2million=yellow, 1/3million=White). So no, a shiny shuckle is just as easy to catch as a normal shuckle.

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Correction "a shiny shuckle is just as EASY to catch as a normal shuckle." He has a pretty high catch rate 190 even easier than pidgeotto.
It's the same thing speed freak...he's indicating that they have the same difficulty. Small wording like that won't influence much.