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In a Max Raid, what happens if you use a Heavy Ball? All Dynamax Pokémon have a weight of ???, so I was wondering what the interaction would be.

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I think it depends on the normal size. For example, Lickitung weighs 65.5 lbs. So the Gmax/Dmax might weigh the same? When you use a Dynamax band, it forms three clouds that encircle a Pokémon. That may have something to do with the stats. Also, that was just an example. Gmax Lickitung doesn’t exist, but I wish it did!
I'd assume it would use the normal weight
It'd either use the normal weight or just not add any extra catch rate on account of the Pokémon technically not weighing anything
I heard that they don’t have a weight.
Dynamax Pokemon do not have wait because Heavy Slam doesn't work and if you check the Pokemon website it will not say it's height. So they don't have any boosts.

From https://www.pokemon.com/us/
Just go to Corviknight and press dynamax.
You didn't answer the question. You just stated that they don't have a weight, which has already been said in this thread
Thanks. I forgot to put the other parts. I don't really care about downvotes I just want some help (: Thanks for reminding me.
The Sixer person also wanted some help, and posting a wrong answer does not help.

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