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Well, I was just wondering what is the catch rate of a Poke Ball that shakes in midair. I know that is isn't a perfect chance to catch when a Poke Ball shakes so what is the catch rate?


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That is called a Critical Capture, and similar to a Critical Hit, it has a 10% Chance of occurring.


Here is the quote:

The probability of a critical capture depends of the number of Pokémon that has previously been caught in the Pokédex. First, compute the value of a (the modified catch rate), as above. Then, whether or not this value is less than 255 (above which the Pokémon is caught regardless of whether or not it is a critical capture), multiply this value by the following:
Species Caught Multiplier
>600 2.5
451-600 2
301-450 1.5
151-300 1
31-150 0.5
30 0
A random number is generated, and if it is less than the modified value, a critical capture occurs.

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