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We know Quick Balls are great early and Timers Balls are great later on. How do their catch rates change turn after turn? If there are any statistics about it, I'd like to see them. If it is different in different Generations, let's say Gen 7 is the one I'd like to know.

This question isn't an opinion based question even if your mom tells you it is. If you have problems understanding this question, please ask for more details and wait, or try to figure it out for a while by yourself. In case you just don't want to help or you want to question the question, ignore it. Note that a question isn't opinion based even if a part of the answer would be: "it's mostly up to you what you should do". But in an answer you can give important details of what things to consider and then tell ’it's your call’. Commenting 'up yours' or pointing out your question is against rules isn't progress, it doesn't help anyone including you. Stop to think and decide if you have anything smart to say about the topic of the question. Thank you in advance for doing the right thing.

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I have explained it precisely. I asked about which version to buy US/UM, I owned Moon. I still dont get how thats an opinion question when there are facts how US and UM r different
First of all, I'm talking about this question. Not the other one.
Second of all, it was my decision to close your other question, but it was not hidden by me. Multiple mods decided that the question should be hidden
Alright. Thanks for letting me know. I dont care about this or my other questions any more. Some day i may ask something, but i give up for a while
Okay. I would gladly reopen this question is you decide to explain it. I'm assuming that what you originally asked for is when the Quick Ball becomes ineffective in comparison to when the Timer Ball becomes effective.
Yes!:D Feel free to reopen and edit it :) im a bit done

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Timer ball

(1 + number of turns passed in battle * 1229/4096 (approx. 0.3))×, maximum 4× (13 turns)

Quick ball

5× if used on the first turn of a battle
1× otherwise

Constantly reminding us that your question isn't opinion-based and that our moderators are dumb isn't progress and doesn't help anyone.

I didn't say any of that what you noted in the end. Thank you for the answer! :)
If I did a bad job at summarizing the italics paragraph, how would you summarize it?
It means nit-picking needs to stop. If you read the whole novel, I'm drawing a clear line. Breaking rules is 100% not cool, but there are cases when we are a little bit in the gray area, everything's not black and/or white, there are cases in which facts and personal preferences meet, when asker needs directions to act. Example: asker is dumb, asks a question, needs quidance. It can be done a dumb way or a smart way, but that's an opinion right? Not for the asker (maybe because he's dumb) or no, he wants reasonings on what to do and make a decision based on that. It includes opinions what should be done but also facts that doesn't depend on mind. I see this case that an answer is a little bit opinion based, but the question wasn't.
You're entitled to your own opinion, but, you're not in any position of authority on this site. People with authority will make the final call and constantly bringing it up and reiterating the same thing isn't going to help much.
Help. Help would be nice for a change. You just wanted to point out I was wrong, but I wasn't. Now I can't edit my question I asked this for comparing those 2 types of Balls, I also saw those 2 other didn't give what I asked for. You are just bitter that I've seen you using your power badly wrong.