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I'm asking about the base evasion Stat. Moves like Double Team and Minimize are multipliers and not add-one boosters. This means that there is an original Stat for evasion and it might be variable between to Pokemon, like Altaria is easier to hit than swablu or something.

Now I'm not saying that the difference between the varied stats will obviously stand out but I am wondering if they are there.

Also, are some Pokemon more accurate than others?

I'd think to find the answer to this would be to use the calculations for dodging and using algebra to work your way back to finding the variable for evasiveness
I think it depends on the move you use with the accuracy on actually hitting the opponent, I would suggest using moves that never miss
 or having a pokemon with compound eyes or an accuracy raising move

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Evasion and accuracy of every Pokemon is the same, the ability that effect evasion and accuracy only work with weather:
the list is

Sand Veil raises the ability-bearer's evasion by 20% in a sandstorm. It also gives immunity to sandstorm damage (if they are not already protected by being Ground/Rock/Steel type).

Snow Cloak raises ability-bearer's evasion by 20% in a hail storm. It also gives immunity to damage by hail (if they are not already protected by being Ice type).

as for moves that effect E and A there is Double team +1, Minimize +2 (The moves Stomp and Steamroller hit with double power against a Pokemon that has used Minimize.), acupressure,( 2-7 chance of raising accuracy or Evasion+2) sweet sent, lowers evasion of enemy -1, and sand attack, same as sweet sent only accuracy not evasion.

so, all Pokemon have the same E and A

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Sand attack isn't the same as sweet scent, it lowers accuracy. Ans also kinesis does too. Also compund eyes effect accuracy and lock-on makes you have infinite accuracy next turn.
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In terms of Ability yes. I also heard somewhere that speed has something with it but that seems far fetched in my opinion.

Other than that items and the accuracy of your Pokemon/move affect it as well.