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Pokerus, the great rare mystery

I am just spitting out dumb questions this morning.
I have did a small test to help you answer this (but will it help ;0).
I got six Feebas. Four had Pokerus, two did not.
So are Pokemon like Feebas more prone to Pokerus or was it a matter of chance?
Or, could it be, certian TYPES are more prone to it?
This comes to mind because I first got Pokerus on my Blatoise one day.
~~~~~~~~Feebas can Splash~~~~~~~~~~


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The simple answer is that Pokerus is as likely to appear in a Blasiose as it is to appear in a Feebas, Scyther, Dialga, or any other wild or bred Pokémon (the same can be said for finding a shiny Pokémon).

It is a 1 in 21,845 for any Pokémon.


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Basically, no.

Every Pokemon has the same chance of getting Pokerus.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience