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I got a shiny ursaring at level 100 from wonder trade on moon with pokerus and it's still in the contagious state, not the with a smile face. I used ursaring to infect my charmander, but its been 9 days with my charmander still being contagious state with the pokerus symbol, not the cured smiley face. It been in my party not my pc. Can any help me out with this situation or have an answere for me.

WELl pokerus is good I don’t know why you would want to remove it but the more battles you use that Pokémon in the bigger chance of losing it
This doesn't answer the question. He knew that Pokerus usually lasts less than 4 days and he's asking why his Pokerus is lasting longer.
Yeah im just trying to get the smiley face from pokerus because it been 10 days now with the pokerus symbol still. I'm thinking this pokerus strain is hacked, but have any of your guys heard of a pokerus strain lasting this long to cure.
I think that ursaring is hacked, i had the same thing happen with a shiny hoopa
My charmander got the cured smiley face after 15 days, never seen pokerus be contiguous for that long. Also I received a shiny celebI with pokerus at level 100 from wonder trade again. I have quite a few pokemon that I got from wonder trade with pokerus. Ive testep some out and have a pokerus strain that is contagious for 1 day, another four days, and one that lasts 15 days. Still have quite a few I need to test

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Hacked Pokérus is indeed a thing, but it's not anything you have to worry about. Basically Pokérus comes in different strains and each strain lasts between 1 and 4 days. One strain is impossible under normal gameplay, but fortunately it disappears without a trace when cured. The other strains can be hacked to last longer than 4 days, but once the counter falls to a legal value, there's no way to tell it was hacked to begin with. So just let the Pokérus cure itself and you're fine.
I find hacked Pokerus aggravating, simply because it's almost always done poorly and lasts multiple weeks instead of a few days it would if it was a legit strain.

According to this, each pokerus comes with a strain, and the time of lasting longer depends on the strain. But some hacker can hack it to have a different strain, so it will last longer than 4 days. I'm sure you ursaring is hacked, because: It is Shiny, Level 100, has pokerus. And it came from Wonder trade. Most Pokemon come from Wonder trade are hacked. They usually have pokerus, hidden ability, level 100. And they are shiny. That's why I never do wonder trade.
I'm sure Ursaring is hacked, that's why pokerus is lasting longer than 4 days.
Hacked pokerus can last for 1 days, or more days. It depends on the hacker. It's his choice.

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