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Pokerus is a super good thing - I know and no, I do not want to get rid of it, but why do my Pokemon keep running into it?! Pokerus is super rare, even rarer than a shiny, so my question is: why do I keep running into it? I've had Pokemon with Pokerus in my Pokemon White, Y, and Moon games. I have 7 games, but one is Super Mystery Dungeon so that really doesn't count. So that means I have 6 games and my Pokemon are infected with Pokerus with 3 of them, yet I can't seem to run into shinies, even when Pokerus is rarer than a shiny! So, is this abnormal?

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Not abnormal, per se, you are just a very lucky person! You should buy a lotto ticket sometime, or maybe hit up a casino, but definitely don't stand in a field during a lightning storm. If you want to encounter some Shinies (because Shinies > Pokérus), try SOS chaining in Moon — finding a Shiny usually only takes a couple of hours!

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It is most likely your other Pokemon got PokeRus from one original PokeRus Pokemon, you see, PokeRus can spread if that Pokemon is in your team.

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