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So I just arrived at Poni Island for the first time in the game and all of my Pokemon were fine, but when I went to the Seafolk Village Pokemon Centre the Nurse Joy told me something about PokeRus, and when she was done healing my Pokemon my entire team was infected!

From my poor Vulpix to my gargantuan Turtonator, my entire party had PokeRus. I know PokeRus is purely Positive, boosting EVs and stuff, but I really don't want it. I haven't had a Pokemon with PokeRus since a Pidgey in X/Y, and it's apparently 6x rarer than a Shiny Pokemon, but I really want it gone.

Are there any new Techniques in Sun and Moon that could help me get rid of it? I've heard you just need to switch the game off overnight and they'll be cured in the morning as long as they're in my party, but do I have to do them all at once? 1 Mon each night?

Thanks in advance.

If you ever become interested in training competitive Pokemon, losing PokeRus is a huge, huge mistake. Make sure you keep a Pokemon with the virus in your PC, you might want it later.
Also I hope you know how lucky you are to have encountered the virus twice? Not only is it many times rarer than Shiny Pokemon; you also have to make contact with an infected Pokemon in order for it to spread to your Pokemon. Running away from an infected Pokemon is not enough. Most people never find the virus themselves at all.
I swear with that username, I can't decide if this is a troll or not.

Imagine getting Pokerus and not wanting it ;_;
Hey "ace trainer idiot", I would like your pokerus. If you still have it you can give it to me :)
Pokerus is a really good thing. Are you sure you want to lose it? I got a Rowlet with Pokerus towards the beginning of my Moon game and he helped me out the whole game. I beat everyone because my pokemon grew so much.
Some people don't like pokerus, (I know I don't) even if its beneficial.

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There are a few ways, but keep in mind that Pokerus is something you do NOT want to cure. For one thing it's rare. It is also something that HELPS you unlike shinies which are just for display.

I know PokeRus is purely Positive, boosting EVs and stuff, but I really don't want it.

I guess you want to be fair with everyone else who doesn't have Pokerus. I won't judge.

Restart your game. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/696959-pokemon-x/67700233


2.If the Pokemon is left in your party and a new day starts (Any other day then when you last saved the game.)
The duration that PokéRus lasts is dependant upon a random number, known to some as the strain of the virus and can last up to 4 days.

There ya have it, the only ways to get rid of it is to wait a few days.
Note: The Pokecenter does not heal Pokerus.
Note again: In a few posts I've seen in Gamefaq researching for this answer, they say it's actually permanent and it's just the contagiousness that wears out. IDK about you but there is no way both Bulbapedia and Seribii articles are wrong.

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It is actually permanent (the EV boost).
Source: Official Game Guides (books)