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I was lucky enough to find Pokerus on an old copy of SoulSilver, and I was wondering: if I were to get my Pokerus-infected Flareon to my copy of Y through the use of PokeTransfer and PokeTransporter, would Flareon keep the Pokerus?

Asking because according to Bulbapedia, something like this can happen in Gen 1, and I'm just cautious that something may happen to the Pokerus while transferring Flareon.

If a Pokémon with any stage of Pokérus (active or cured) is traded back to a Generation I game, or withdrawn from Stadium 2 by a Generation I game, all traces of that Pokémon having had Pokérus will disappear. This is because a Pokémon's Pokérus status is not saved in any form in the Generation I games, thereby making it possible for a Pokémon to legitimately contract Pokérus multiple times by trading it back and forth, once it becomes cured of a given infection.

I got pokerus in soulsilver too :)
I've tried this but it didn't work for me, it'd be interesting to see what someone else thinks on the subject though
I had my pokerus on my <raikou when I transferred it

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From my experience, yes it will.
I transferred a whole bunch of Pokemon over from White 1 to X and the ones that had Pokerus still have it to this day.
if you get a different result on your Flareon (since you will also use Poketransporter) feel free to hide this answer.

Thank you, great to know the journey from Gen 5 to 6 will be a safe one. Still have to find out about 4 to 5 though >.<
I guess technically I could spread it to something useless like a Rattata and test it that way though...