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So, in my SS, I have the pokerus, and I want to use it to eV train my Newly hatched cyndaquil. But the pokerus only lasts 2-3 days. But in the pc, it lasts forever. So would it work to use the pokerus, and just before he loses it, put him back in the pc, and then take him out again? Would he still lose it really quickly, or would it last 2-3 days again?


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Do this, it works (I still have Poekrus and I've had the game for about three months,) always keep one or two Pokemon with Pokerus in your PC and spread it around to other Pokemon in your PC after two days . Catch new Pokemon to keep your supply fresh. Take out one of the Pokerus carriers and put it in your party. No, your idea would not work. Just do a lot of just playing Pokemon that day to take full advantage of the Pokerus.

Dang, thx, thoough, too bad