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And if so, would a pokemon pass on those quadrupled evs through an exp. share?


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Yes, you would get 4x the EVs for Pokerus and Macho Brace.

The problem with the Exp. Share part though, is that you can't physically see the EVs being calculated, so it's hard to judge by. My guess would be no, though (Don't quote me on this though, I'm not an expert with EVs and IVs), seeing as the Pokemon inheriting the Experience form the Exp. Share wouldn't have any form of EV multipliers on it.

If it had Pokerus as well, you'd get a 2x boost, but I'm stumped on the Macho Brace part...

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Agreed, you would get 4x the evs with Pokerus & a macho brace. The poke holding the exp share would NOT get the benifits from the brace, only the experience & normal evs (it will get the 2x boost if it also has Pokerus, however).

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It depends on what game you have if soul silver or heart gold go to this website called neoseeker.com and look for a code called ev/iv checker it let's you check your pokemon's EV's and IV's but it's a long code though.