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I was just wondering why and how...you know, curiosity. my friend just got a female starter (don't remember wich one -____-) in soulsilver. im so jealous haha so how rare IS it?


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Totodile- male-87.5, female-12.5

cyndaquil male-87.5, female-12.5

chikoritamale-87.5, female-12.5

This applies to all starters.

okay. let's just stop here. this forum's about fun, and pokemon, and movesets, and unicorns and butterfrees!
Keldeo = unicorns
But whatever. I managed to get a rarer female starter, so #luck.
Lol I always got a female starter.
Venusaur: female
Swampert: female
Empoleon: female
But Emboar: male.
It broke the train D:
bromance above watch out
the conversation about posting meaningful comments is meaningless! just let them post what they got instead of telling them no one cares and the shouldn't do that. it helps so you can SEE how many people are getting the female starters