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They always seem to be male.

Are Shauna and Bianca considered rivals, cuz I think they both get females no matter what
Lolz you should of answered the question @SylveonLover456
Actually, I had a female Piplup once back on Pokemon Diamond.  Took me a while after restarting the game several times though. haha.
He means the rival's pokemon
Most of my games I get a male because I choose male, but once I got a female Samurott. but as for rivals I think it's just your rivals gender. Gen 1+2 rival male, 3 female, and four and five both female and male. (not counting remakes, they were the same as the original(discluding w2 and b2.))
I got a Female Fennekin on my first try!

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Yes and No.

Most rival's starter Pokemon will always be Male, with the exception of Shauna in X & Y.
Their genders are hard-coded in the game, and are not based on chance.

Source: Experience

Take a look at Blue from FRLG.
Every single Pokemon on his team when he is Pokemon League Champion is male. No exceptions. This is because the gender of a Trainer's Pokemon is already hard-coded in the game.

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MInd you, basically every trainer has all of their Pokemon of their gender.
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>All starter Pokémon in the core series besides Pikachu have a gender ratio of seven males to one female.

It doesn't really say if it is always male or not anywhere I looked. Maybe it is the same chance as you getting a female starter Pokemon(12.5%)


Ha ha 1 out of 7 games I got a male starter.
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Yes, there is always a chance for it to be female, but most of the time they will be male due to their sex % rate being higher male than female

(Source: experience)
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1 Thing I would like to add is that in DP if you choose the male guy her Piplup gender changes like stated [here][1] and I don´t know if Lyra/Ethan is considered an Rival but I heard somewhere that you could hack the game and battle them ( Like Proffesor. Oak in the Green Version ) and the Azurill / Marill would also change gender in HG/SS. And the gender is reflected by the Character Gender I think as the female trainers usually got Female Starters and the male got male starters.
And most of the starter genders are usually 75% male 25% female.
This was just something to add
[1]: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/946308-pokemon-platinum-version/49144121

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