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From my "esperience", ("Experience" - thought misspelled was funny), I've gotten more males when I breed a female holding an everstone or with a the ditto holding the everstone. Also, the same thing happened when I had a male breed with a ditto holding the everstone; got more females instead of males.
Is this just pure luck and coincidence or is there actually a "basis" for this to happen?
(As a side note, this is with "individual" hatching, as in "one at a time". I should do a test with a full box of eggs to find out the "real" ratio. Or if someone else could do that, (me too lazy), and find out the truth, that would be nice.)

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Just a Coincidence
The everstone only affects nature when breeding.
Gender is entirely chance based of its gender chance.

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I thought as much...  Well it was worth a try asking!  Thanks for the help!