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What is the male to female to genderless ratio between every Pokemon?
Or in other words, if I use Attract what gender should I use and what percent chance do I have of it working? Thanks!

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Chance of working you ask...?
Why would you even want that xD
But even without calculations, more pokemon in the pokedex have a higher chance of being male rather than female rather that vice-versa. I suggest going for a female gender.

PS - Don't use Attract in general though. End of matter :P
Yea I don't use attract ever :P I just was curious if there was more males or females and thought that would be a good way of saying it

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OK, I'm gonna be straight:

No. of Pokemon with:

  1. Full chance of being male: 19
  2. 87.5% chance of being male: 101
  3. 70% chance of being male: 19

  4. Full chance of being female: 24

  5. 70% chance of being female: 24

  6. No gender (genderless): 75 (76 if Diancie is counted)

  7. 50% chances of either gender: 456

Yes, I've been counting. If you see, the number of species being more likely to be male is far higher than that of females. So for using Attract better, go for a Female gender, it's the safest one.
However safest can only go so far. You've got 139 odd Pokemon that prefer male nature, and 456 that havea 50% chance of being male, but remember that the rest of the whole of the Pokedex will stay unaffected by Attract. Also, since many Pokemon also have no gender, and some Pokemon also have the ability Oblivious, quite a bit of the game laughs at Attract.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks this is what I wanted to know!