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I have three and I dont have a use for them but I know they are rare and would love to may trade or find out what they are useful for


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What is it?

PokeRus is a very rare "virus" that spreads amongst party Pokemon. Once a Pokemon has PokeRus, it gains double of the EVs it would normally gain from Pokemon battling.
For example, a normal Pokemon would gain 1 Speed EV when defeating a Magikarp.
A Pokemon with PokeRus would gain 2 Speed EVs when defeating a Magikarp.

So, you obviously would want to spread this! It spreads after battling with your party Pokemon. There is no definite number of battles it takes to spread, but it does spread rather quickly.

More technical tidbits here.

Does it disappear?

After a certain amount of "days" (internal clock passing midnight) a Pokemon is cured of PokeRus and cannot spread it any longer. However, it still retains the positive effects of it, meaning it still gains double EVs! A Pokemon that is cured of PokeRus has a icon on its status/summary screen.

You can keep it from disappearing and always have a Pokemon that can spread it if you keep a Pokemon with PokeRus in your PC.

Horray! You've got PokeRus!

enter image description here

I have Pokerus in Black Version. :D Not by luck, though. Someone traded me an infected Pokemon.
I actually got mine in X & Y by luck

Go Helioptile!
i can't believe everybody thinks this is rare.... the concept started in Pokemon Crystal, and was supposedly more common for the female players. i always play as a female, and i have gotten it so many times, i haven't considered it as rare. i haven't played a pokemon game yet that i didnt get it at some point before the fourth badge naturally. i got it from my first bunnelby i caught starting in y the first time, for petes sake. here's a gift: i'll just start spreading to my multiples of bred castoff pokemon and trade them over wonder trade. if you get one from Anemone with piggy tails and the purple exotic hat, voila, enjoy the start of the pokerus parade. one last note, though. contrary to one of the answers, the effect fades after the face pops up and the pokemon is cured, not continues. also, it has no effect in super training, making it almost useless now. but if it makes people happy, i'm perfectly happy to spread it around. the illness does last longer with traded pokemon....
I said in battle, contrary to ST.

And it's actually rare o3o 3/65536 almost.
Pokerus is rarer then finding a shiny lol
I got a shiny Absol with pokerus during wonder trading on Pokémon sun
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Pokemon with PokeRus just have an increased EV-gaining rate.

The EVs your Pokemon gains from defeating other Pokemon will double. So if you met a Pokemon would normally give you +2 Sp. Def, your PokeRus Pokemon will actually gain +4 Sp. Def from that Pokemon! This simply makes EV-training a lot easier.

PokeRus can be very convenient for a competitive battler - if you aren't a competitive battler, I'd just recommend bragging. Simply because PokeRus is very rare. :)

And you say you got PokeRus on three Pokemon you don't normally use - however, if you want to give PokeRus to another Pokemon of yours simply put that Pokemon and the infected Pokemon together in your party, and the infection will spread! :)

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience

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Keep one in your PC
Why. If you keep one in your PC, you can keep it FOREVER.

You want to keep one with Pokerus just in cause you or somebody ever wants to make a team. If you do Pokerus + Power Item Weight/ Bracer/ Belt/ Lens/ Band/ Anklet + Horde, you'll be done EV training in no time.

-Also if it says "POKERUS" and not a face, you can spread it to a Pokémon you want to train.

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If you don't want Pokerus (which I don't know why you shouldn't), you have to not battle with anything, technically meaning that you have to stop playing for a day and continue on the next.


Pokerus is a little "virus" that helps your Pokemon actually become stronger. There's no glitch to it, and almost anybody would want a Pokemon with Pokerus and good stats.

Hope this helped!