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So, I've decided to level up only ONE team in my SoulSilver (i'm still working on the gyms) in order to progress through the game faster. So, I was wondering, what would be a good idea for my team to be? What types would be the best to have? (my starter was cyndaqil)


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I'll give good pokemon I like for the best types. A tall order here! Wow, I'll try my best.

Fire: covered

Porygon2/Z- great stats and unique moves for a VERY unique pokemon!
Ursaring- nice attack, and guts help too.
Togekiss- very good stats, great ability and good moves.

Hitmonlee/chan/top- great moves. great stats.
Machamp- no explanation. It's machamp! Come on.

Crobat- Poke-stealth bomber, good stats and very fast.
Gliscor- a tank! with good moves and decent speed.
Pidgeot- an original, and fast with decent stats.
Yanmega- again, very fast, and awesome stats.

Slowking- a special tank. Not very ommon.
Quagsire- great typing, and not too bad all together.
Kingdra- also great typing, and high stats.
Vaporeon- high stats, good abilty, an lots of hp.

Pinsir/Heracross- super attack, and good type covering moves.
Forretress- entry hazards! mega defense and good typing.
Scyther/Scizor- both strong, with great moves.

Exeggutor- very high stats, and can learn ancientpower, covering 4 weaknesses!
Tangrowth- good defense and sp. attack, good moves.

Marowak- awesome with a thick club.
Mamoswine- mammoth attack, and, just pretty cool.

Jolteon- an electric form of Gengar.
Magnezone- good special tank. decent typing too.

Tyranitar- no explanation.
Umbroen- awesome wall! tricky moves too.
Gengar- very fast and very hard-hitting specially.
Weavile- very fast and very hard hitting physically.
Dusclops- excellent defenses and tricky moves.

Metagross- Dont need to say a thing. THIS IS THE ONLY STEEL TYPE YOU NEED!

Salamence- super strong, good typing.
Altaria- great defenses, and helpful moves.
Dragonite- super strong, good typing.

These are my favourite pokemon for the best (in my opinion) types. -----Notice: I tried to put pokemon you can get from the beginning, and that were mostly from Kanto and Johto. I hate to cut out good pokemon, but.... for heartgold, these are good pokeomn you can get in the relatively early stages of the game. SOME pokemon are Sinnoh and Hoenn- I couldnt resist!

Oh, look, I turned 96 after finshing that answer! lol!
Wow thanks! thats awesome! but what types should I choose for my team?
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Fire -Fire can take care of some hindering types. Most of them are pretty high-grade, too. They make great leads too, thanks to their raw power and natural agility.

Normal - The most flexible and versatile of all types. ALWAYS have one on your team. Use the Normal-types to fill gaps in your teams.

Water - You need some kind of coverage against the bulky types, like Rock and Ground. This is your answer. The Ice attacks they learn deal with those pesky Dragons, too.

Flying - A very agile, yet straightforward type. Basically the counterpart to Fire. They're great for hitting first and getting back at Fighting, Grass, and Bugs-types.

Rock OR Steel - At least some kind of bulky type, so that you have some form of balance.

Electric - The counterpart to the Normal-type. They too, are pretty versatile, sporting only one weakness. Their Speed, useful abilities, and unique movepools help them too. Use them mainly for type coverage or cleanup.

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Ground or Rock or Steel

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Fire(taken care of)

Water-out of your list I suggest Vaporeon

Steel-Metagross obvi. also covers psychic

Dragon-Salamence or Dragonite

Electric-Magnezone for the steel resistance to a lot of types

Ghost/Poison-Gengar good STAB and very tricky to face

What the heck you completely copied my answer!
I didn't completely copy it I selected the 6 best types from your list and made a team.