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So I recieved a shiny ursaring with pokerus from wonder trade at level 100, still with the contagious pokerus symbol, no cured smiley face. So I decided to infect one of my shiny charmander. Yet it's been more than four days and my charmander is still contagious with the pokerus symbol not the smiley cured symbol. Anybody have an answer for that or can at least help out on the situation. The charmander been in my party not the pc, and its been 9 days with out it being cured. I got the ursaring on moon from wonder trade and transfered it to ultra sun when I infected my charmander.


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Pokerus comes in different 'strains', these strains are calculated with 'X' and 'Y' values to determine how long it will last. You kind find the info here, but basically strain A lasts for 1 day, B lasts for 2, C lasts for 3, and D lasts for 4. People can hack their Pokemon to have a strain that does not exist in normal gameplay, so that the Pokerus will last longer. The fact that you got your Ursaring on Wonder Trade at lv. 100 makes it more plausible that someone just hacked it and decided to WT it away.

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Yeah I was also thinking it's hacked, it being shiny too also suspicious. Have you heard anything more about hack strains lasting longer than usual? Thanks for you answer too.
I've heard of a few different hacks on Pokerus strains, but not of it lasting as long as yours has. If I find anything I'll let you know. Glad I could help.