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I was trying to transfer a shiny Tyrogue via poke-transfer and it is not working

how I got it:
Odd egg

what it says when I try to:
There is at least one Pokemon in the box that cannot be sent. A problem has been detected with one of the Pokemon Sorry. The Problematic Pokemon cannot be sent.

from what game:
Pokemon Crystal

to what game:
ultra sun


1 Answer

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For an unknown reason, Odd egg Pokemon can't be transferred if they know Dizzy Punch.

Due to an oversight by Game Freak, all of the Odd Egg Pokemon will fail legality checks during transfer because of the move Dizzy Punch. None of them can legitimately learn the move in the core series from Generation 3 onward, meaning the Pokemon Bank filters flag them as hacked.
Simply level them up or use TMs/HMs to overwrite the move and they will transfer perfectly fine.
It's annoying that you can't retain the version exclusive move, but if that's what it takes to transfer a shiny, it's a small price to pay I suppose.

Source: en-america-support-nintendo
Just delete Dizzy Punch.