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I was given this level 100 Mew in a Master Ball years ago by a friend of mine, and I finally got around to transporting all of my Pokemon to my X version. Unfortunately, Mew was the only one who did not transfer. I thought something was up because I had already transferred some event Pokemon, tons of legendaries, and shinies. However, Mew has (or at least HAD) the Pokerus. The little smiley face is still on his summary page.

Mew knows:
False Swipe
Giga Drain
Aura Sphere
Doom Desire

My initial thought is that it is either Doom Desire that won't transfer for some reason or more likely, it is the Pokerus. Any ideas?

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Mew does not receive Doom Desire legitimately, thereby not allowing Mew to go past Gamefreak's "Cheat Filter".

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