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So lets say I hack my English copy of Pokemon Emerald to take me to Faraway Island to get Mew. If I caught it, would I be able to successfully transfer it all the way to Gen 6? Or is this Mew only considered legit if it's in Japanese?

My main reason for asking this is because I was thinking about purchasing a Game Shark to get the Old Sea Map to get to Mew so I could shiny hunt it, but I want to know if I can transfer it successfully first.

Yeah, Mew should transfer successfully. But I'm not sure if Mew would be able to make it through PokeBank, as PokeBank can sense some hacked Pokemon (and I'm not sure how far this can extend, but I highly doubt it would sense a hacked Pokemon from gen 3, much less a Pokemon gained from hacking the Old Sea Map).
Well, you hacked the Old Sea Map, not Mew itself, so there shouldn't be a problem.
The problem is that the event was only released in Japan. The event is in the coding, but not accessible without hacking in English copies.

And I haven't done it yet. I don't even own a GameShark...
even so it shouldn't have any problems.
I'd like proof before I spend a single penny

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I have successfully transferred a mew from Pokemon ranch -> pearl -> black -> poke transfer -> PokeBank with no problems. However I strongly suspect they will check if the region is supposed to have a Pokemon at all.

If you hack the azure flute on diamond/pearl (to gain arceus) on an americas region game it will not allow you to transfer it up because azure flute was never released in americas region. A similar question about Aceus. So again I strongly suspect you will not be able to transfer this mew.

Also note: If you do manage to get it up through PokeBank it will not allow you trade via the gts only through direct friend trade.