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Read this short description before answering please :). TID and SID values are random, but still have a 1 out of 4,294,967,296 chance of being the same across two different games. If the game you caught the shiny faraway island mew on has a TID and SID matching the TID and SID of an English game, could you re-name it to "Mew"?

Also, if anyone cares enough to find out, is it also possible for it to be traded up through Bank? I'm more curious about the top part more than anything else, so don't feel obligated to answer this part.

Thank you.

I know that it's possible to transfer a faraway Mew to gen 6. I've done it myself with one :)
In theory, I suppose it would work.
Someone can go ahead and answer with that then. I don't expect people to actually test to see if this works, and regardless, the chance of someone even still having a faraway island mew on a gen 3 cartridge is rare. I only posted this to see if anyone would point out any immediate flaws with the idea (e.g. TID and SID regional differences, which I don't think there are any).

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A Japanese save file can't have the same name as an English save file.
>If two different Trainers have the same Trainer name, identical ID numbers and identical hidden ID numbers (a 1 in 4,294,967,296 chance if the names do not differ), the game will recognize the two Trainers as the same, so the Pokémon are not considered to be outsider Pokémon.


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