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I just found out that I have a Cherish Ball in my White 2 save. Obviously, this wasn't acquired legitimately. I used to be somewhat into generating Pokemon I thought were cool 5 or so years ago, and I probably just gave one that ball to hold at random.

I'm currently trying to shiny hunt a Pokemon to catch in this ball. More specifically, I want to catch a Sigilyph in this ball. Obviously, there's no legitimate way to get a Sigilyph in a Cherish Ball. However, the Pokemon would be completely legit in every other way- it's just the ball itself that was acquired through hacking.

If I try to transfer this otherwise completely legitimate Pokemon into Poké Transporter, and then subsequently from there into Home, and then into my Pokemon Sword save, what would happen to it? Would it just not care because the Pokemon doesn't have any illegal moves/abilities?


Im a bit sus of the other answer, so ill test this out myself later

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I've looked at the source below and many other sources and it seems to me that the ball the Pokemon in doesn't matter. That is probably because the ball the Pokemon is in doesn't affect the Pokemon in any way, at least after transferring. So I would say you are safe to catch the Pokemon with the Cherish Ball.

Edit: I did this along with a couple other legality tests with a mod I had a couple months ago. I basically just made a semi-illegal Pokemon, traded it to a real Gen 5 game, and then attempted to transfer it to Pokemon Bank. This was one of the legality things I checked, (the mod gives you thirty Cherish Balls when entering Virbank City,) and it will let you transfer forward. Now I have a Whimsicott, (I think it was Whimsicott,) in a Cherish Ball in my Ultra Moon save file.


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