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I'm transferring my Shiny Crobat and Shiny Hoppip from HeartGold to White 2 using Poké Transfer, and it wouldn't let Crobat through because she knew Fly. It won't let any other Pokémon that know HMs through either. IS it a coding issue, or just something nonsensical?


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My assumption is that it is because HM moves are not consistent across generations, and 1 or 2 of the moves don't even exist outside the use of the HM. Whirlpool, Rockclimb, and Defog. It's all their fault!

Is there not a Move Deleter in HG/SS? He can save your Crobat!

Never fear, I found the Move Deleter and Crobat is safely in my PC in X :D
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Also, Pokémon that know HM moves cannot be transferred.

Rest in pizzle Shiny Crobat. HM moves block the transfer.

Source - Bulbapedia

Hope I helped!

You may have misunderstood the question — I'm asking what makes it so that Pokémon that know HM moves can't go through transfer. The same moves exist in later games, so what's the point?

I got the Crobat through by deleting Fly though :D
It blocks the Pokémon from going through if it knows a HM move. I don't know why lol.
Game Freak is annoying this way. :)