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I also think you can't Wi-Fi trade them if they know HM moves, too.


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Essentially it's a way to prevent people from getting items and tms early. Forces you to play the game with the stuff GF wants you to play with, when they want you to have them.

Anti-Cheat method of sorts.

As for previous gens to current gens, it's because some earlier gens, such as Platinum and SS/HG, had HMs that are no longer HMs which could have a bad affect on coding.

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Ohhhh...makes sense.
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Because, for example gen 4 to gen 5. Let's say I have an Abomasnow that knows the HM Rock Climb. Will you use it? No, only in battles, not in the field. I don't know why, but I think the reason is if you "forget" the HM Rock Climb at the Move Deleter, than if you regret, you can't re-learn it using an HM.

Just to make it balanzed/balansed (Let me know which one is correct.)

It's balanced lol
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