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Specifically, I want to know if you can get a Hariyama that knows Whirlpool in SM. I know it must learn Whirlpool from HGSS, but it is an HM move in those games. I'm not sure if you can transfer it from HGSS to BW/B2W2 legitimately.

If you can't, then why does Pokemon Showdown say that Whirlpool is valid on Hariyama?


Bulbapedia says that Pokemon knowing HM moves can't be transferred to Generation 5. I'll go to Smogon Forums and ask why Hariyama can know whirlpool.

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To transfer a whirlpool Hariyama to Generation 5, you would need to teach it whirlpool in HGSS and trade it to DPPt. Whirlpool isn't an HM move in those games, so a whirlpool Hariyama can be transferred from DPPt to newer games.

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