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Whirlpool and Rock Climb are not HMs in Gen. 5.

However, it says you can't Transfer Pokemon that know HM moves into Gen. 5 games. Can Pokemon knowing these former HMs get into Black/White? I would assume so since they don't benefit you in any way outside of battle in B/W. Just curious if they were or not.


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While the HM moves Whirlpool and Rock Climb are not classified as HM moves in BW or BW2 they are still HM moves in previous gens.

So the game you are transferring from sees them as HM moves and says "Nope, no can do" and prevents us from transferring them over.

So while we know that these HMs in SS or HG are not HMs in BW, we still can't tranfer them over because they are classified as HM moves in the game you are transferring from.

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You can NOT transfer Pokemon who know HM moves, even if they are not gen five HM moves, like whirlpool and rock climb. I know because I tried to. I wanted to send up a tentacool to b/w but it knew whirlpool, so I couldn't. Basically you can't. You have to make it forget ALL HM moves if you want it to be transferred