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I know that it is easier to train in Black and White do to Cynthia, both of your rivals(or childhood friends), the elite four, game freak, and ESPECIALLY the wild Audino. But you can't teach the pokemon that you train in B and W the moves from the battle Frontier like Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch. So would it be better to train in HG and SS or better in B and W?

Why was this flagged? I don't see why it breaks the rules (other than being slightly poll-based)...

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Black and White would be a better option on my opinion. You don't need to rely on the Battle Frontier for moves. TMs are perfectly good, plus B/W have new moves such as Scald the do very nicely in movesets.

B/W also have lots of areas to train, like HG/SS, but in B/W I find it easier to find high leveled Pokemon, and Audino can be found at LV. 55 @ Giant Chasm.

It sorta depends on what Pokemon you are training cause' each game have differant Pokemon that offer better EVs that another, too.

Info on EVs: http://pokemondb.net/ev

That's what I thought, but for the pokemon Garchomp (example) it can't learn outrage unless taught in HG and SS. Thanks though.