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I'm making some teams in HG and SS for fun but I don't really know any good ways to train my Pokemon. I usually go the Elite Four and give the Pokemon an exp share and then when its in its 40s- late 50s I train at Mt.Silver with a Lucky Egg but then I'm kinda stuck because it's still a bit too weak for the Elite four so it makes it harder for me to train.
Anybody got any suggestions?

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Well, the Elite 4 is a pretty good idea.They have strong Pokemon that help with EXP.points.Mt.Silver is good too.I got my Charizard level 92 from these Pokemon.Don't forget to get the gym leaders phone number and challenge them to a battle.Their Pokemon are above of level 67 and really tough! this :
http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/PokeGear contains the number and the location of the gym leaders. Generaly battle every trainer and when you have rare candys use them to level up your Pokemon.Another good training spot is trainer RED. He is very, very tough.His Pokemon are above level 85 and help grow a lot with EXP.points.

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1.have a blissey/chansey
2.go to a place with ditto
3. Have blissey in front and let ditto transform
4.switch to your other Pokemon
5. Enjoy your exp

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Fight with every trainer you met end picking up the telefoon end go fight with them. ther is a ship cald the SS end if you go there every day you can fight a lot

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