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I'm seriously having trouble with this one. No matter how hard I try I always have one or two Pokemon who are at good levels, but the rest are under-leveled. Please tell me how I can evenly distribute levels?

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Exp. Share.
^ there was no EXP share in Platnuim BTW
What game?
There is an EXP Share in every game (unless EXP All) including Platinum.
Exp all?
T'was the name of the item back in RBY

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If I could know what level your Pokèmon are, that would be great, anyways, continue on. :)

The one way I do my training is where I level up a certain Pokèmon to a level, and when it reaches the level I want it to be, I level the rest of the team up. It takes time, but sometimes that's how you get evolutions.

Another way I do it is by what I call step leveling. You raise one Pokèmon's level, you raise all of the teams levels, just by one. This is quite easy since you have some under leveled Pokèmon, so I would recommend this one. However, sometimes they might grown one, two, or even three levels, but you still have to raise them up to that level, no matter what happens to it.

If you where playing ORAS, you could stock up on Blissey Bashes in Secret Bases. This is the most easiest leveling up technique ever, and it only costs 24 hours of waiting, depending on how many you do. All you need to do is scan a code and wait a couple of days. This takes time to process, but it is the most fastest way to leveling up, because Blissey provides so much EXP points.

Some of these ways are good, depending on how high your Pokèmon's level are and what the wild Pokèmon's level are.

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Oops sorry I think I am between 7 and 37 at the seventh gym in Platnum
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Cross out the last one. Just try using the first two I said. They are good leveling partners. :)
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Just before I start, I suggest you train your team Pokemon slightly different than the Pokemon you want to level up for battling.

Team Pokemon:

  • Exp share, go into battles with this thing turned on and in ORAS and X/Y, all party Pokemon will get Exp. In other generations, only the Pokemon holding the Exp Share will get Exp, but it's still a very useful item.
  • Double trainer battles, put a stronger Pokemon in with one of your weaker Pokemon and have your stronger Pokemon do all of the attacking, both of the Pokemon will gain Exp.
  • Lucky Egg, this item gives your Pokemon more Exp than normal, you can get them from some wild Pelipper in ORAS (use the dex-nav). Give the lucky egg to a Pokemon, enter battle, win, and level up!
  • Wild grass training, find Pokemon of a level somewhere around the level of the Pokemon you are training and search for wild encounters.
  • Don't use your overleveled Pokemon as much, put them at the back of your party and don't use them until you have gotten your other Pokemon at a level you want them to be. Also, try to turn the Exp share off so your overleveled Pokemon don't level up. This is more so your other Pokemon can catch up.

Other Pokemon:

  • Blissey bases, blissey gives you tons of exp for defeating, some people have set up bases full of lv 100 Blisseys. Give all of the Pokemon you want to level up a lucky egg, turn on the Exp O-Power, turn on the exp share, let the fun begin. All of the Blisseys have healing wish, the first two will faint when they use it. When the last one uses healing wish, it will fail, make sure you have a Pokemon that can defeat the last Blissy. (Note: secret bases are only in ORAS)
    Here are some QR codes for Blissey bases!
    QR codes here!

There are many other ways you can train too, but these are only some of the ways I could think of.
Hope I helped!

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^ if you read above this is gen 4. :/