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Why aren't Pokemon allowed to hold items or have a HM on their moves list?

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  • HMs change in different games, so transferring a Pokemon with a HM that is not a HM in the game it is transferred to would confuse the game.
  • Some items are exclusive to certain games, and do not exist in a later games' coding. So that means that transferring a Pokemon that holds an item that doesn't exist in the game it is transferred to would confuse the game and break a few things in the game.

So yeah. It is just to prevent the changes in different Generations in Pokemon from confusing or glitching the game.

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Reason items are not allowed when transferring:
Because people abuse it and make their Pokemon hold stuff like Master Balls and Rare Candies, in addition to certain TMs not available in the new generation, when being transferred, making their new game easier. Simple as that.

Reason HM moves are not allowed when transferring:
Because HM moves change from generation to generation. E.g. Defog is used in Gen IV (D/P/Pt), but the HM for it doesn't exist in Gen V. Hence in Gen V, only 6 Pokemon can legally know Defog via level up (Ducklett/ Swanna, Rufflet/ Bravairy, Vullaby/ Mandibuzz), and a few more via breeding.

If you really wanted a Pokemon to know a HM move in the new Gen, e.g. Surf, then just reteach it after you've transferred it.

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It is because to keep the games from getting unobtanbleitems and hms in the games. Each game has different hms, so the game would probably glitch if they get an hm that does not exist in the game. For items, they wanted to prevent people from getting items too easily, and in gen 4 you can hold Tms but in gen 5 you can't. Also, some items are unobtainable in the gens.

Hope I helped!

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