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For example, if I transfer a Froakie and a Ditto from XY to ORAS, and I have them breed in ORAS, will the baby Froakie be legal for use in an event such as VGC?

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I'm not sure about how the tournament eligibility rules work.  However, if the rules restrict to Gen 6 games, then that includes X, Y, OR, and AS.  All 4 games are part of Gen 6.  As such, any Pokemon that originates from any of those 4 games will have the blue pentagon on their summary page.

As for your more specific question, regarding the offspring...  The breeding is taking place in OR/AS, so the new Pokemon created will therefor be OR/AS Pokemon, regardless of their parentage.

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Yes, it will be legal because it was hatched in an ORAS game. It doesn't matter what generation the parents are from.

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