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So let's say I have a Pokémon that was bred legally and is completely legitimate. Say I used a hacking device, and changed one of these:

  • Nickname
  • OT
  • Shininess
  • Contest Stats
  • Ribbons
  • Affection

None of these affect performance in wi-fi battles, so would I be able to use it if I wanted to enter a tournament? Shininess and ribbons I would guess not because they have an effect (sparkle if shiny, contest ribbon animation if you have the contest ribbon), but would the others still make this Pokémon banned?

You are basicllay saying can you hack its ot. HACKER!
Thanks for the flag, but this is fine. It's not asking about third party software (which is what the rule is about), it's asking how the game reacts to hacked Pokemon. Discussing hacked Pokemon isn't banned on this website, nor is the act of hacking itself.

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It will count as legal.

In fact, even if you were to actually go and change a Pokemon's IVs, EVs, Abilities or even levels, they would be allowed. There are exceptions though. If you hack a Pokemon to make it illegitimate i.e,

  • Give the wrong Pokemon the wrong ability (Wonder Guard Sableye)
  • Give it a wrong level (Hydreigon at level 50)
  • Give it an impossible PokeBall (Jirachi in Ultra Ball)
  • Give it moves it cannot learn (Hyper Beam on Magikarp)

... then your Pokemon will not be allowed in Wifi battles. The checking in VGC, however, is a little stricter.

Hope I helped!

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What about the VGC checking?
In wifi battles, Pokemon are auto checked. In VGC, they are not only auto checked but also manually checked for two Pokemon with the same item. And often times during manual checks, things that cannot be detected by the computer are pointed out.
So if I hacked something like the nickname or OT, then (hypothetically) entered VGC, would the Pokémon be allowed?
Since there's no way of detecting hacked OT and nickname, yes.