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If I hack Victini’s required event item to catch a legal Victini but my 3DS date is the current one will Victini register as legal?

Does this work for Darkrai and Shaymin (pearl)?

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If the 3DS’ date is the present, I think that automatically makes the Victini illegal since it has the wrong date, not sure though.
Yeah. I want to make sure.
I’ll try to find some sources.
I couldn’t find any sources, but if you are going to use cheats, and if you have an emulator version of your game on a computer, you should first check Serebii or Bulbapedia for the event, put the event in the emulator, and if everything on the cheat code Victini matches the Serebii or Bulbapedia one, then you could put it in your real game with the cheat. But, people say that just the fact of you even using a cheat code to get your Pokémon makes your Pokémon illegal.
What happens if you change the DS clock to the right date and then catch Victini?
Just to make sure, are you aksing falsebenguy2211 or me?
whoever knows the answer
Huh, interesting. I would say it's legal, but again, most people would disagree because you used a cheat to get it.

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Yes, since you didn’t catch it illegitimately, it will go through the Pokébank as legit since you didn’t hack in the Pokemon, just the item. I also consider it legal, but some have a different outlook. If you’re doing it to get a Victini for a friend, ask them. They may want the Pokemon, but some care about how it was obtained. Highly advise you ask for a set trade. I’ve been burned a lot. I had a Darkrai that I got from my friend, he action replayed the item to get it, and the person I was meant to trade it to heard about it and bailed last minute saying “it’s tainted”. So it is legal, but may be frowned upon.

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While it is Pokébank Legal, it isn't necessarily fair (as some people obtain it legitimately) compared to the way you obtain it- via hacking. :P

Using an action replay to get Darkrai/Shaymin/Arceus is even more frowned upon due to it being possible to obtain without hacking the item (via the Void glitch). :P
I don’t like the void glitch. I prefer hacking event items.
Well, then you are lazily illegitimate. :P
I prefer the void glitch means 1 wrong step and you may have to re-start.
Hey, cant fail id you never try m8
Ah, but I have tried. I have gotten lost 9 times in the void. Had to restart several times.
Then the lesson is never try..
Ah well.