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I'm pretty sure it is shiny locked, but I see a lot of Shiny Victinis. Are they hacked?


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Victini has never been given out shiny, and every event since Gen V has either been shinylocked or guaranteed shiny, so yes, it is impossible to get shiny Victini without hacking.

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wondertrade streams?
@KirbyCuteKing the people who wondertrade stream hack most of the pokemon they give away.
Still the player who got the wondertrade mon didn’t hack
True, but at the end of the day, that player's Victini is illegitimate.
Not true
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Yes, they are hacked since shiny Victini has never been released in any country, plus it's shiny locked, as you mentioned.


wondertrade streams?
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all those shiny victini you see could be hacked... or could be from wondertrade. take for example, pokenursery. he gives out shiny locked Pokemon like shiny meloetta and shiny victini. that's the path i'm going for. and these lucky people won a shiny victini from wondertrade

Since Victini is shiny locked, PokeNursery must hack these Pokémon he gives away. There is no legitimate way to obtain it, so the people "win" hacked Pokémon.
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Actually all of you are incorrect. Fact check please and don’t assume. You can obtain a shiny Victini in Black/White legit. Shiny locks didn’t happen until gen 6 so all current shiny locked Pokémon are available IF they are in another game before gen 6. So Yvetal and Xerneas are shiny locked and cannot be obtained unless there is an event, however Victini, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Deoxys just to name a few, are all shiny hunt able in older games.

> Generation V introduced a mechanism often referred to as a "Shiny lock", preventing wild Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini from being Shiny. Any Pokémon obtained in Entree Forest (i.e., from the Pokémon Dream World) are also prevented from being Shiny. Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini still have Shiny sprites in the games' data.


Also, Smogon doesn't allow you to use a shiny Victini in a teambuilder because it can't be caught shiny. :P

Bulbapedia also says so. Many youtube videos are fakes and could have used RNG manipulation, hacks, or bad emulation to make Victini shiny. :P

Smogon and Bulbapedia usually get information like this from data miners- literally the exact way the game was programmed, and in it Victini is Shiny locked in said game code. You friends could have lied to you about finding Shiny Victini without hacking, or could be using a fake copy of it without realizing. Did you see their shiny Victini? :P

Also, shiny Victini cannot be transferred through Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Bank only keeps out hacked/impossible Pokémon (except for shiny Jirachi prior to a previous programming oversight in other games being alleviated with Shiny Jirachi's release). :P

I trust Pokémon Bank and the Gamefreak Game Developers themselves more than you and your friends, to be frank. Sorry if that sounds harsh. If you had a legitimate source, I may be enticed to look into it. :P
I think I found some of your sources, and they all say in the description that they had to manually remove the lock:


> Ok, this is SEMI-LEGIT, since it WAS hunted on an AR, but just removing the shiny check, so it can be hunted like a 1/8192 shiny

> Shiny check removal code: (Black version) 94000130 FFFE0000

> There was so much stress surrounding this hunt for me, such as the game freezing, me failing it because I didn't have a masterball and the shiny lock removal code not working
Sources like Bulbapedia and Serebii are very accurate, and almost always supply accurate information. Of course, they may not always be 100% legit, but at the end of the day, a site like Serebii is a much better source than a YouTube video.
Serebii and Bulbapedia also often post links to sites where they got said information. :P
Go find a shiny Victini on the GTS that’s not hacked.