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Say I have a Lv. 1 Haxorus, which is impossible. I transfer it to the Bank from X. It gets discovered by whoever sweeps the Bank for hacked Pokémon. Per the Bank's 'no hacks' rule, what happens to the Haxorus?

There is definitely not somebody who goes through each Pokemon in everybody's banks to check if it's hacked. I doubt that anything could happen in this situation because, if there was a Pokemon that would be considered hacked by the system, it wouldn't let it in in the first place.

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By bank I’m assuming the poke bank app on the 3Ds. The question kinda has 2 answers.

If the Haxours is poorly hacked, it won’t be allowed in the poke bank.

If it’s hacked correctly, but still level 1, it might be allowed through, and the poke bank would do nothing about it.

Source: Having a level 1 Aegislash in the poke bank.

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Poke bank hack checks are crap.
By 'not allowing it in Bank', do you mean that Haxorus simply won't be able to get into the Bank at all? And if a Pokémon manages to get into the Bank through Transporter or by transference from X, it's there to stay unless I take it out?
Yes. To the first question. It will either not go into the bank or it will go into the bank. If it goes in, it’s recognized as a normal Pokémon. It won’t be stuck in the bank. (The poke bank may edit it a little).