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like I have a legal moveset charizard but I obtained it via cheating and it is a shiny. :(
so can I transfer it
also some people have been asking if you could transfer a spiritomb or sableye with wonder guard(i.e. an illegal ability)
i dont want lectures on cheating is wrong and all that after all there are already certain action replay code questions on Pokemondb.
i think some people from japan using this or some having japanese friends may help please


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No. Pokebank is made to stop hacked Pokemon from entering into Gen VI from previous generations.

I remember people saying that there are some Pokemon that will pass Pokebank, like cloned Pokemon, if they're cloned from legit copies, since they're technically legit apart from being cloned, but I can't confirm this myself. However, something as obvious as a Wonder Guard Sableye will be stopped from going into Gen VI.

As for your Charizard, there's actually no way of telling unless you put it through Pokebank, considering that Nintendo has not released any information as to what checks they subject the Pokemon through. People speculate that most Pokemon that have legitimate movesets & abilities will pass, even if they were hacked into being shiny (unless they can't be shiny, like Victini), but that's speculation.

>Q: Does Pokémon Bank include a legitimacy checker that will prevent people from depositing "hacked" Pokémon or Pokémon that have been created using unauthorized methods?

>A: We cannot go into details of the checks we intend to put in place, as such information could be used in an effort to circumvent such checks in the future. In order to protect the Pokémon that you worked so hard to raise and to preserve your save data, we ask that you please enjoy playing Pokémon in the correct way, as described in the game manual.

Pokebank FAQ

i never said illegal i only said shiny read carefully
Oh sorry; I misread legal for illegal. :P
n thats not true there are pokemon floating over the wonder trade with unusual abilities and hacked movesets
The could have been hacked in the 3DS; also the Pokebank checks aren't fool proof.
So legit Pokemon from Pokedit can be transferred to X/Y?
I'm pretty sure that was the theory; as for whether it's reality, we'll just have to wait and see.