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I managed to use AR to get a Mew, and others like Victini, and transfer them to Pokémon Bank but for some reason it didn't like Shaymin. Does anyone know why this is? x

Hmm let me think.......Oh I think I know, maybe its because your using A CHEATING DEVICE!
It doesn't work if the code is to get the Pokémon DIRECTLY but it works if you cheat to get the EVENT.
Like I said, it worked for others that I got from an AR code. So I wondered why it was seeing my Victini as legit and not Shaymin since I got BOTH through the AR code for the EVENT.
which event did you trigger?
It was the one to get Oak's letter.

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It's a glitch or has any illegal features

Sometimes, it wont let the Pokemon through if it has illegal moves. Now, this happens only sometimes, so some hacked Pokemon can get through. Another way to make it work is to hack the event itself but not the Pokemon. This was updated with a patch later on (I think).
In a nutshell: It is completely random whether hacked Pokemon can get through or not

Hope this helps!

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Yes that's a much better explanation to my question, thanks :)  how would I know which moves were seen as "illegal"? x
Well, if a normal pokemon wouldnt have that move, then it would probably register as "hacked" in the bank's eye.
Try searching on this site in the top right box to find your pokemon, then scroll down and it will show all possible moves that can be learnt.
thanks :) ill try it again then x